Perfect for all audiences, young and old, male and female

Humorous stories, personal anecdotes, life lessons

Speaking appearances can be tailored to any amount of time requested

Will leave behind specific %22take action%22 points if requested

Will tailor speech to your specific needs, audience or age group

Up tempo, fast moving, energizing presentation to meet your needs

Motivational Speaker

Great for all audiences, energizing and tailored for your next event.

Rick Hartzell

believes in family values. He believes that there is a certain way to live and conduct one’s self in order to be successful in a family, in an organization and in a team. His IOWA “farm boy” upbringing and a strong family unit taught him many valuable lessons which he shares in a way that tugs at your heartstrings. Further, he knows the “SECRET” to bringing these values to an organization, to a team and to a group of people in order to help them do better, be more productive and to do more with less. He will inspire you. He will make you laugh, cry and think. He will make you objectively reevaluate your personal way of doing things. He will make you better.

Rick is one of the finest leaders of young people and coaches I have ever seen. He gave me my start and helped develop me into the man I am today. I value the life lessons, his organization and forward thinking… he has been a winner all his life.

Greg McDermott

Head Basketball Coach, Creighton University